Anti-Corruption and Fraud Prevention Training for Government and Businesses

Introduction to Internal Investigations and Training Expertise

Internal investigations are crucial for maintaining corporate integrity, yet they often lack proper planning and expertise. ACCA, led by Mick Symons, a seasoned investigator with over 30 years of experience in major fraud, homicide, drug, and corruption investigations, offers specialized training in this field. Our programs encompass all aspects of the investigation process, from planning to evidence retention and final reporting, tailored to meet corporate requirements.

Procurement Integrity and Anti-Corruption Strategies

Procurement processes are vulnerable to fraud and corruption, demanding expert training and policy development. Mick Symons, a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), delivers a comprehensive three-day International Master Class on procurement integrity. His expertise extends to developing, reviewing policies, and preparing checklists to safeguard the procurement process. His experience as a probity auditor for major developments in Sydney underscores his proficiency in ensuring procedural integrity.

Management of Investigations Training

Mick Symons will guide personnel through the intricacies of managing single or multiple investigations, emphasizing investigation planning, “wants analysis,” and identifying crucial resources. We cover the entire process from the initial report to preparing a comprehensive report for the adjudicating authority.

Initial Investigation Guidance

Conducting initial investigations of misconduct allegations requires careful consideration of evidence security and procedural fairness. ACCA provides advisory services on best practices for initial investigations, highlighting the importance of detailed planning and evidence gathering. Our intensive training courses include practical skills in locating evidence, interviewing personnel, and preparing conclusive reports, incorporating PEACE interviewing techniques.

Preventing Procurement Corruption

Corruption in procurement, a concern in both public and private sectors, can manifest in various forms, such as information leaks, conflicts of interest, collusive bidding, and invoice fraud. Mick Symons’ specialized training addresses these issues, equipping participants with strategies to detect and prevent such corrupt practices. His role as a probity auditor with a NSW Council further lends credibility to his expertise in upholding procurement integrity.

Procurement Fraud Prevention

Procurement fraud, often involving individual employee actions, ranges from asset misappropriation to improper supply of goods. ACCA’s training, aligned with insights from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), focuses on identifying and mitigating these fraudulent activities. Our services include monitoring and reviewing transactions to uncover any anomalies, effectively preventing fraud in procurement processes.

Contact ACCA for Specialized Training

ACCA is committed to assisting organisations in enhancing their anti-corruption and fraud prevention capabilities. Our expert-led training and advisory services empower businesses with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain ethical practices. To learn more about our training programs or to schedule a session, contact ACCA today. Together, we can strengthen the integrity of your business operations.

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Anti-Corruption And Fraud Prevention Training

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    Fill out the form below to get sent our free survey that provides you with an indication of the potential vulnerability of your business to fraudulent activities.