Rules and Regulations Guidelines

It is important for any business to have guidelines for employees. These guidelines provide assistance to employees for normal business practices as well as potential ethical dilemmas.

The guidelines are developed to ensure the employees act in the best interest of the business at all times. They may include a Code of Ethical Conduct, specific policies relating to fraud or corruption, procurement procedures, conflict of interest, bullying and/or harassment and sexual harassment.

These policies should be reviewed on a regular basis to address any new issues or changes in business practices.

There is also a need for an introductory and ongoing education program for all employees to ensure an understanding of their obligations.

There is also a requirement for a business to comply with external regulations and legislation. This ensures the business does not breach legal requirements.

ACCA provides a review process for all compliance requirements to ensure the policies are relevant and current. We can provide training in various areas to ensure employees have an understanding of their obligations.

Mick Symons is a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional – International (I-CCEP) with the international Society of Ethics and Compliance.

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