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Anti Corruption Consultants Australia

The primary aim of Anti Corruption Consultants Australia (ACCA) is to help you put a protective shield around your
organisation to reduce the risk of internal or external threats which could destroy you.

The primary concerns are fraudulent and corrupt activities which can be internal where an employee is ripping through your
profits with the potential to send you bankrupt and leave you open for legal action or through an employee acting in collusion
with another person to engage in corrupt conduct undermining your company and ruining your reputation in your market
place as well as sending you down the path towards bankruptcy.

ACCA can provide a specialised investigation service to uncover incidents of fraud and corruption. It can also assist in training
key personnel to identify and prevent these illegal activities. In addition, ACCA can help you develop practices and procedures
to minimise your exposure to fraud and corruption.

Recent fraud surveys indicate the most common offenders are employees. A 2017 KMPG report indicated company management committed 36% of the fraudulent activities. Fraud is a constant and increasing threat. A KPMG report referred to a 16% increase in fraud ($381m to $442m) when comparing two six month periods (2015-2016). The report highlighted 40% of the frauds were in place for more than five years before being detected. Can you afford this?

ACCA can also assist you by developing or reviewing a Code of Conduct for your organisation, investigating breaches of a Code
of Conduct including sexual harassment, bullying and other issues likely to impact on employee morale and the stability of
your organisation.

Check out my contribution to the 7.30 report on corruption within NSW –

“Mike is a very experienced law enforcement expert in Australia. In the last three years, I have invited him as guest lecturer in my HKU Postgraduate Certificate Course in Corruption Studies, an international course attended by over 35 country representives, to speak on the Australia’s successful experience in combating corruption and his personal expertise in corruption prevention and enforcement. His input and expertise is highly appreciated by the participants. Highly recommended,”

Tony Kwok

International Anti Corruption Consultant

“Mick recently delivered a lecture on Corruption Investigation to our student cohort undertaking the Graduate Certificate In Integrity Studies. His presentations were very well received and the students appreciated his broad experience and candore. The relevance of his material and the content of his presentations was first rate. I would highly recommend Mick for similar projects.”

Mark Loves

Wollongong University

“Mick developed and delivered a Fraud and Corruption presentation to the Directors and Managers of Randwick City Council. His insights on Corporate Obligations, how to prevent going down the ‘slippery slope’ and use of practical examples made for a relevant and well exceuted presentation. His superior presentation style resulted in a robust discussion on the subject following his presentation, which was the desired outcome.”

Vanessa Creighton

Randwick Council