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Anti Corruption Consultants Australia

Anti Corruption Consultants Australia (ACCA) can help you with personal issues or matters affecting your company. The latter has the potential to destroy your company financially or its reputation, leading to a loss of business.

Your company can be exposed to fraudulent and corrupt activities through employees, suppliers. or contractors.

Procurement fraud is a major issue with a lack of oversight leading to massive losses to a company. Employees collude with suppliers, suppliers collude together to defraud your company.

You can also be affected by internal fraud with employees engaging in fraudulent conduct including but not limited to theft of cash, skimming sales by not recording or understating sales, establishing ghost employees, shell companies, expense related fraud, and theft of plant and other assets.

we are Experts in Investigating

Small business theft and fraud

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that businesses lose 5% of their annual revenue to employee theft. Organisations with the fewest employees have the highest median loss.

ACCA have over 30 years experience investigating these matters. 

Do you think you that one of your employees could be stealing from your business? We have a free survey that can help you identify the risk factors. Alternatively, get in touch for a free consultation.

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How ACCA Can Help

You need to be aware of how fraud can affect your bottom line. Fraud has the potential to bankrupt you leading to financial disaster and a loss of reputation.

ACCA can provide a specialised investigation service to uncover incidents of fraud and corruption. It can also assist in training key personnel to identify and prevent these illegal activities. In addition, ACCA can help you develop practices and procedures to minimise your exposure to fraud and corruption.

ACCA can also assist with improper conduct in the workplace. The Australian Human Rights Commission conducted a sexual harassment survey in 2018. They examined the responses from 10,000 people. The survey indicated 39% of Australian women and 26% of Australian men had been sexually harassed at work in the previous five years.

Sexual harassment causes distress to the workers and their colleagues, it affects productivity in the workplace and impedes career progression. This results in severe implications on a small businesses, that has serious economic impact on businesses and families.

Bullying is also a major issue within the work place. A 2021 survey indicated 30% of the workers stated they had been bullied at work. Many of these left the work place because the issues were not properly addressed.

ACCA can assist you by developing or reviewing a Code of Conduct for your organisation, investigating breaches of a Code of Conduct including sexual harassment, bullying and other issues likely to impact on employee morale and the stability of your organisation.

The Greatest Risks to a Business

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) 2022 report to the Nations examined 2110 cases from 133 countries. The report found the following:


Bribery, conflicts of interest and extortion occurred in 50% of the cases examined in the ACFE report. There was a median loss of $150,000.


Financial Statement Fraud

Financial statement fraud can also destroy your reputation. While this is not that common it is the costliest with a median loss of $593,000 (ACFE).

Asset Misappropriation

Asset Misappropriation is the most common scheme, occurring in 86% of the cases with a a median loss of $100,000.


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    FREE Fraud Health Check for Businesses

    Think you might be the Victim of Fraud? 

    Fill out the form below to get sent our free survey that provides you with an indication of the potential vulnerability of your business to fraudulent activities.