Review of Policies

In the first instance it is essential for any organization/agency to have a series of policies addressing key conduct areas. These policies provide guidance to employees. There is a need to consider:

  • Is there a Code of Conduct?
  • Is there a statement of ethics?
  • Is there a procurement policy?
  • Is there a whistle-blower policy?
  • Is there a fraud and corruption prevention policy?
  • Is there a social media/internet policy?

  • These are a few of the essential policies for any organization.

    There should be regular training programs (direct or on-line) to ensure employees are conversant with these policies.

    Policies should be reviewed at least once every three years to ensure they reflect the current situation within the organization.

    ACCA can assist in developing policies and conducting reviews of polices to determine if there are potential issues leading to non-compliance. These reviews ensure your policies reflect current organizational needs.

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