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ACCA can assist with investigations conducted in a discreet, unbiased, and thorough approach, ensuring confidentiality and adherence to legal standards. The aim is to provide clarity on allegations, protect the interests of the organization, and foster a safe and ethical workplace environment.

ACCA will review policies and conduct compliance audits with a meticulous and objective approach. Key areas include reviewing fraud and corruption policies, scrutinizing procurement practices for transparency and fairness, conducting compliance audits to ensure employee and operational adherence to policies, and identifying outdated practices for improvement. The approach is meticulous and objective, aiming to enhance organizational integrity, compliance, and efficiency while mitigating legal, financial, and reputational risks.

Training programs are designed to educate personnel in procurement practices, ethics, and compliance with organizational policies. They cover four main areas: transparent and fair procurement processes, adherence to the organization’s code of conduct, managing conflicts of interest, and understanding internal policies and procedures. The approach is comprehensive and interactive, aiming to build a knowledgeable and ethical workforce capable of making informed decisions and maintaining high standards of professionalism and compliance.



Investigate bullying, sexual harassment, fraud, theft, breaches of company policies.


Policy Review

Review of Fraud and corruption policies, and procurement practices. Compliance audit to ensure employees meet requirements, identify outdated practices.



Training of personnel in procurement practices, code of conduct requirements, conflict of interest, and policy procedures.

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Bulletproof Your Company

Put in place systems to protect your business

ACCA can help you protect your greatest your business. Mick Symons has enormous experience working with businesses to optimise their internal process and avoid the pitfalls many companies fall into.

Workplace Bullying and Harassment Training
“We have worked closely with Mick on a number of projects. His extensive experience provides him with an impressive ability to quickly get to the heart of the issues in an investigation and produce results efficiently. His personable and professional approach to his work provides confidence and helps put clients at ease. He is a first-rate legal investigator”.
David Huw Williams
Ellerman Law

determine your goals

Let us help you prevent or investigate corruption in your business as illegal activity can destroy not only your business but your reputation in the market place.

Put systems in place

ACCA can provide a safety audit of your company to show you how to implement checks and balances to introduce procedures to reduce the potential for fraud and corruption.

understand your rights

It is important you take action to bullet proof your company – ACCA can help you understand this.

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ACCA knows what is required and will provide you with the evidence required to substantiate or disprove any allegation.Contact Us for a free consultation.


We can help you conduct internal investigations. We will work with you and your internal team on how to locate evidence, interview personnel and prepare final reports. 


It is essential to conduct an active risk assessment analysis of all areas of your business where any illegal activity can destroy not only your business, but your reputation in the market place.


It does not matter the size of your company – you could be a major international conglomerate or the local corner shop. You need to have guidelines in place.
ACCA Corruption Investigations

ACCA have the experience and dedication to provide you with personalised service. 

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Protect your Business from the threat of Fraud & Corruption

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Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses—particularly that have fewer than 150 employees—are the most vulnerable to employee fraud schemes. From stealing company funds, to sales reps lying about product capabilities to sell more products, to employees stealing company data, risks abound for companies. 


They are also more likely than larger companies to experience a catastrophic loss from fraud because they lack appropriate internal controls and owners lack awareness of the risks their companies face from insider threats.


If you want to review your current situation and determine your level of risk of workplace theft, fill out our free survey.

·       Refusal to turn over job tasks to others.

·       Unusual working hours.

·       Poor work performance.

·       Unjustified complaints about employment.

·       Defensiveness when reporting on work.

·       An unexplained close relationship with a supplier or customer.

       Overcharging customers

       Fake payments

       Overtime fraud

       Cashing customer cheques

       Forged Cheques

       Stealing Customer Data

       Payroll Schemes

       Insurance Scams

       Billing schemes

ACCA can assist you by reviewing and/or providing a fraud and corruption policy to deter fraud within your company. 

Experience (and research) indicates fraudulent payments are a major factor in asset misappropriation. 

1.    Make sure you have strong evidence to support your decisions

2.    Keep the information as confidential as possible – restrict conversations with other employees unless absolutely necessary – you may need to take someone into confidence to gather evidence

3.    Consider what action you can take – this may be restricted by Union agreements/Awards.

4.    Can you suspend employee pending investigation?

5.    Is there an established disciplinary process to apply?

6.    Consider independent investigation – contact ACCA for advice and action. Note – experience shows it is better to contact us as soon as you have suspicions as we can assist with the gathering of evidence and the investigation process

The smaller businesses need to train their personnel in identifying what may be improper conduct in the workplace. An important aspect of this procedure is to have a reporting mechanism to allow the employee to provide information without any fear of repercussions. This reporting should extend, where appropriate, to suppliers and customers of the company. 

ACCA can provide advice on how to implement policies and procedures within the company to achieve this goal. 

Theft in the workplace is considered by Fair Work to be a serious misconduct which may result in disciplinary action taken against the employee, including summary dismissal. However, the disciplinary action taken should be balanced with the severity of the actions of the employee. 

Anti Corruption Consultants Australia (ACCA) offers expertise in a wide variety of investigations. Mick Symons has been involved both as an investigator and a manager of investigations into fraud, corruption, discipline (code of conduct), bullying, sexual harassment and due diligence investigations.

It is important to have someone who understands the legal requirements of the various methods of investigation; someone who understands how evidence should be gathered, stored and presented for the appropriate forum for a decision to be made. Too many investigations result in key evidence being thrown out because of the failure of the investigator to follow simple procedures.

FREE Fraud Health Check for Small Businesses

Think you might be the Victim of Fraud? 

Fill out the form below to get sent our free survey that provides you with an indication of the potential vulnerability of your business to fraudulent activities.

    FREE Fraud Health Check for Businesses

    Think you might be the Victim of Fraud? 

    Fill out the form below to get sent our free survey that provides you with an indication of the potential vulnerability of your business to fraudulent activities.