One of the most confronting meetings a manager can have is being called into an office and told there is an allegation that “Jones” has engaged in improper conduct. You need to investigate this. One of the first thoughts to flash through his or her mind is – “What am I supposed to do?”

ACCA can provide training at all levels of investigation. Mick Symons has been involved in investigating matters for over 30 years. He has conducted investigations into major frauds, homicides, drug investigations and corruption related investigations.

In addition to his experience as an investigator, Mick Symons has prepared and delivered material on managing investigators, exhibit handling, and interview techniques to a broad section of government and other professionals (auditors, accountants and lawyers).

He has presented courses at the Australian National University, the University of Wollongong, Flinders University (South Australia), and the Hong Kong University on matters relating to corruption. Mick Symons also presented a comprehensive program to the Anti Corruption Commission in Bhutan. This program addressed management of investigations and questioning techniques. It also covered the link between corruption prevention and corruption investigation.

ACCA is able to structure a training program to meet all your needs.