Mick Symons

Mick Symons

Mick Symons is the Managing Director of ACCA.

He has an extensive background in investigations having served as a Detective in the South Australia Police, finishing his police career as a Chief Superintendent. In the course of his career, he received special mentions and an honourable mention for his investigative ability. His policing career was extensive and varied including:

Detective Division – Responsibility of the investigation of criminal matters ranging from housebreaking to murder for two Detective Divisions
Operations – He led the “Operations” section of the Drug Task Force with a responsibility to oversight all major drug investigations in the State.
Major Crime Branch – He was in command of the Major Crime Branch with a responsibility to manage all major crimes including murder, abduction, and other serious criminal matters.

Anti Corruption Branch – Mick was in charge of the Anti Corruption Branch where oversight of all investigations into allegations of corruption in the State Public Sector. He then moved from South Australia to New South Wales as Executive Director of the Investigation Division of the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

In the period he was at ICAC (just under four years) he was responsible for more than 300 preliminary investigations and more than 50 major investigations (operations).

In addition to this extensive practical experience, Mick Symons has also obtained a number of tertiary qualifications. These include:

Business Degree with a Marketing Major, Master of Business Administration
Law Degree (with Honours), Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice
Graduate Diploma in Fraud Investigation.
Master of Law (International Law and International Relations).

Mick Symons has the experience and dedication to provide you with personal service. He understands your needs and is readily available to assist.

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