Asset Misappropriation

Minimise or Identify Business Risks

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners have identified asset misappropriation as the greatest risk to a business.

Asset misappropriation includes such areas as cash transactions, fraudulent disbursements and improper dealings in inventory.

Cash transactions includes such areas as theft of cash on hand and a variety of schemes including the theft of cash receipts. The latter involving such areas as skimming from sales and/or accounts receivable.

Fraudulent disbursements include such areas as a billing scheme, a payroll scheme with ghost employees, or expense reimbursement schemes or falsification of returns.

Theft can include such schemes as falsification of records, false sales and shipping of goods and the falsification of purchasing and receiving of stock.

ACCA can conduct a review of these areas with a cross reference to suppliers and purchasers in order to ensure your business is not being attacked internally.

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