Discipline And Code Of Conduct

A Code of Conduct is a guiding document designed to ensure the company or organisation complies with the appropriate legal and moral requirements. But what happens when it appears this Code has been ignored?

Too often a manager is called into the office and told to “investigate” this alleged breach. This is an extremely dangerous practice as, generally, the person has no experience in this type of an investigation. There are also inherent dangers in having the investigation conducted by a person from the same company or agency. The findings can be challenged and the investigation exposed to an external review and overturned because of inappropriate actions of the investigator.

This may lead to a situation where the person continues in the work force impacting on the morale of other workers as it appears the person “has got away with it”.

ACCA adopts the philosophy of “Justice from Truth” – our investigations aim to ascertain the facts in an independent an impartial manner. Leave it to the experts – ACCA – who have extensive experience in these types of investigations and can provide a complete service.