Due Diligence Services

Due diligence is important when hiring a new employee or retaining a contractor or supplier. 

Due Diligence exercises the right to review claims made by a prospective employee or a person or company who wants to establish a business relationship with you. It can also apply to the sale or purchase of a business or property. There are various approaches to due diligence. You can call on the expertise of a legal team to ensure all the legal aspects have been addressed; you can call on the expertise of a financial team to ensure the claims of financial stability are correct.

A recent study in the US indicated 60% of all resumes of people in the workplace were inaccurate. College graduates were up to 90%. A UK study indicated over 50% of resumes examined had embellishments to the extent the parties falsified the level of expertise or experience. 

Fraudulent resumes can expose your company – you can be held liable if you hire someone unqualified to do a job. Your customers could sue you for negligence if someone is injured or suffers detriment because you did not make sure they were qualified.

This can affect anyone as it may include persons not qualified within the workplace such as a fork lift driver or other logistic requirements or professional qualifications.

ACCA provides a service for general due diligence – what is the history of the person or company? Why is there a gap in the resume? There have been repeated instances of a failure to conduct enquiries into the background of a person or company resulting in the company being exposed to fraud and severe financial losses and affecting the public face of the company.

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