How to Investigate

Intensive Training Course

Sometimes there is a need to conduct an initial investigation of allegations of misconduct.

This needs to be approached with caution and is recommended due to issues associated with the need to ensure the security of evidence as well as the required procedural fairness required for persons under investigation.

However, if the firm believes they are able to conduct the initial investigation then ACCA can assist with advice as to what actions to take in such instances.

It must be appreciated that Investigations can be complex or simple. It does not matter what you are investigating because there is one approach that applies in every instance.

You must plan – if you do not plan then you will fail. It is important to appreciate your role is to gather relevant evidence relating to the matter(s) under consideration.

ACCA will assist you in identifying the various types of evidence to be considered in an investigation and methodology to obtain this material.

We will work with you, a part of an intensive training course, to show you how to locate evidence, interview personnel and prepare final reports. This will include aspects of the PEACE interviewing techniques in order to address the required elements of successful interview.