Governance - Just a Word

When Governance means “nothing” You want to invest in a company – the first thing to examine is the financial records of the company.  Just how solvent is the company?  What does the future hold? ..


Gate Keeper Corruption

Gate Keeper CorruptionThe World Bank conducts regular surveys on the ease of doing business in various countries (see  The "ease" relates to the amount of gates that have to be opened before the business is established., ..


Cybercrime – the next assault

Cybercrime is starting to impact on business. This is not necessarily the use of computer technology to create fraudulent invoices and ghost bank accounts.The dependence of a business on the technology is a massive risk especially with companies who do not have a structured back up plan and a business continuity plan. ..


Sleep DOES Matter

Lack of Sleep = Lack of Ethics Recent research has confirmed that lack of sleep makes you do unethical things. Tiredness has been a factor in industrial accidents with heavy machinery but now it appears to be a contributing factor in fraud and corruption. ..


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