Pre-trial Preparation

The foundation of success in any court action is simply preparation. ACCA can provide you with the expertise to prepare civil and criminal matters.

ACCA has the ability to assist you with the complexities of pre-trial planning, investigation, discovery, (or disclosure in criminal matters) and implementation of case theories, themes, stories, and strategies.

Mick Symons has extensive experience in investigating complex criminal matters, preparing court files and assisting in the prosecution of these matters. He is admitted to the Bar in South Australia and New South Wales.

ACCA is aware the gathering of evidence is crucial to the success of any court matter. Mick Symons can work with you to ensure accuracy of statements, examination of the scene or exhibits where required and providing advice on preparing your case for trial. He can provide a comprehensive report to assist you in that crucial period in court.

ACCA can help you gather relevant and admissible evidence in all jurisdictions. ACCA can be your partner; helping you to achieve success in court.