About Us

Mick Symons is the driving force behind Anti Corruption Consultants Australia (ACCA). He has extensive experience in law enforcement and working with the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in New South Wales.

In the course of his service with the South Australia Police he was in charge of various areas including the Major Crime Investigation Branch with a responsibility to manage investigations into major crimes including homicide, rape, and child sex offences. He was also in charge of the Anti Corruption Branch with the responsibility to manage investigations into Public Sector corruption.

As the Executive Director of the Investigation Division for ICAC he had oversight of all investigations conducted by the Commission. In the course of his term with ICAC he managed more than 300 preliminary investigations and more than 50 major investigations (Operations) into allegations of corrupt conduct within the Public Sector of New South Wales.

He has engaged in an extensive self development program and has qualifications in Law (with Honours), an MBA, a Graduate Diploma in Fraud Investigation, a Master of Law and other tertiary qualifications.

Mick also is an accredited certified fraud examiner (CFE) with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. He has presented at international conferences for this organisation. He is also an internationally accredited compliance and ethics professional (CCEP-I).

Mick is a member of the Council of International Investigators (CII), the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) and the Australian Institute of Professional Investigators (AIPI).

Anti Corruption Consultants Australia is a specialised and personal firm. It provides a personalised service to ensure the client receives specific attention to detail relating to their exact requirements. Fraud and corruption can destroy a company by tearing out its financial heart. ACCA will work with you to identify any weak spots in your structure and develop policies and procedures to minimize the impact of fraud and corruption. Together we can bullet proof your organisation.

ACCA can provide a safety audit of your company to show you how to implement checks and balances to introduce procedures to reduce the potential for fraud and corruption or other potentially destructive activities such as bullying and sexual harassment. ACCA has the skill base to investigate a wide variety of activities.

The focus of our investigation is on issues which have the potential to impact on your organisation either financially or in the media. Generally, such investigations will identify breaches of the Code of Conduct or the law.

You will receive regular reports on the progress of investigations and recommendations as to what action you should take to rectify any identified issues. If the investigation identifies criminal conduct then ACCA, with your permission, will liaise with the police or other appropriate authority to ensure the matter is investigated and evidence is obtained to meet stringent legal requirements.

Various surveys across national and international companies from small to large highlight the disastrous impact of fraud or corruption on the reputation and financial stability of the company. It is important you take action to bullet proof your company – ACCA can help you achieve this.